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Basair Aviation College specialises in teaching students that aspire to become Commercial Pilots. We have trained hundreds of accomplished pilots, who are now enjoying successful and rewarding careers in aviation. While studying at Basair Aviation College, you will benefit from an extremely well structured course, designed to maximise the effectiveness of learning, and therefore minimise the number of flying hours students require to achieve the standard of a commercial pilot. With over 17 years of experience in training customers to the highest standard, we graduate successful students every month. We have 6 courses aimed at students who wish to take their aviation studies seriously.

This qualification reflects the role of a Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight working in the Aviation Industry.

Successful achievement will require competency in units that relate to work defined as aligned at AQF level 3.

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Basair Remote Pilot Brochure

Please visit www.uavair.com.au for further information.

  • Tuition Fee


  • Duration

    8 Days

This qualification is part of the Aviation Training Package (AVI08.)

This course is targeted to students who have not flown before, and want a career as a commercial pilot.

  • Tuition Fee


  • Flying Time

    176 Hours

  • Theory Hours

    402 Hours

This qualification is part of the Aviation Training Package.

This course is targeted to students who have completed their CPL, and want to improve their employability with a multi engine command instrument rating (ME CIR.)

International students may be eligible for a student visa for this course. CRICOS course code 089858C.

  • Tuition Fee


  • Flying Time

    57.5 Hours

  • Theory Hours

    97 Hours

This course is targeted at students who want to work for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as a Flight Instructor. An instructor rating is one of the best ways to sharpen flying skills and enhance discipline, accuracy and proficiency. The training you receive during your instructor rating training will provide the fundamentals of all your future lessons.

  • Tuition Fee


  • Flying Time

    33.5 Hours

  • Theory Hours

    226 Hours

This course is designed for Indian students who wish to meet the minimum requirements for the issue of an Indian Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence and complete their Command Instrument Rating training.

Successful students will be awarded an Australian licence and rating and will be able to return to India to complete their licence conversion procedure.

  • Tuition Fee


  • Flying Time

    281.5 Hours

  • Theory Hours

    298 Hours

What’s included in course fee

  • Flight training
    • Dual training
    • Solo training
    • Aircraft hire
    • Simulator training
  • Fuel
  • Pre flight briefings
  • Post flight de-briefings
  • Theory courses

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