#AimHigh at Basair Aviation College

Welcome to Basair Aviation College - Australia's leading flight training organisation

Established in 1991, Basair offers students without any previous aviation experience the benefits of a fully-integrated, world-class curriculum;

graduating as fully qualified commercial pilots within a year. With hundreds of alumni flying for major airlines worldwide, and the third largest fleet in

Australia (behind QANTAS and Virgin), our mission is to provide young, eager minds with the technical and non-technical tools required to become

expert pilots and rounded professionals. Our passion is in producing pilots who are life-long learners; determined on improving with every flight and

mastering their art. This approach positions students to continue to grow and flourish beyond graduation; preparing them for long and successful

pilot careers.

Since Basair was founded in 1991, over 4,500 customers have chosen to fly with Basair. We cater for a wide range of customers, from those that want

a simple joy flight over Sydney Harbour -- to students studying for Commercial Pilot Licences, multi-engine endorsements, instrument flying and

instructor ratings.

With VET Student Loans available to cover tuition*, 3 campuses to choose from (in Sydney, Brisbane and the Hunter Valley) and a new class starting

every 4 weeks, Basair also offers unmatched flexibility. 

The dream is within reach. Time to #AimHigh

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